Install Azure File Sync Agent (preview) on Windows Server 1709

February 22, 2018

Only Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 with full Ui is currently supported by Microsoft.
Do not recommend this for production environments.

I wanted to install this on a File Cluster running Windows Server 1709 to see if it was possible.
This is how I did it.

1. Install Azure Resource Manager Powershell module on the Cluster node.

2. Download and Install Storage Sync Agent:
By browser:
By Powershell directly to Cluster node:


Press X when you hit the “Sign In”. It will fail since its not able to load IEFRAME.dll

3. Connect to AzureRM

List Subscription and Tenant ID

Name : Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN
Id : cfxxxxx-7axxx-4xxx-axxx-edxxxxxxxxx
TenantId : 91xxxxx-2xxx-4xxx-8xxx-a1xxxxxxxxx
State : Enabled

4. Connect to Azure Storage Sync 

5. Register Server with Azure Storage Sync

ServerRole : ClusterNode
ClusterName : lab-filecluster01
ClusterId : exxxxxxx-3xxx-4xxx-axxx-6xxxxxxxxxxxxx
LastHeartBeat : 20.02.2018 22:31:57
ServerOSVersion : 10.0.16299.0
ServerManagementErrorCode : 0
AgentVersion :
ProvisioningState : Succeeded
Name : 8xxxxxxx-axxx-4xxx-axxx-2xxxxxxxxxxx
DisplayName :
Location : westeurope
Id : /subscriptions/

6. Run same procedure on the rest of the file cluster nodes. (If needed)

Now you will see the endpoint registration in the Azure Portal.

You can now configure your newly added File Cluster Endpoint to Azure Sync Groups

Disclaimer: All scripts and references on this blog are offered “as is” with no warranty.  These scripts are tested in my environment, it is recommended that it is tested in a test environment before using in production.

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